Moses Cone Women’s Center (currently in construction)

Moses Cone Women’s Center

Greensboro,NC                                                                                                          HKS, Inc., Richmond, VA

The Reinventing Care – Clinical Reconfiguration consisted of several components. The Women’s Center project was an integration of an existing facility on another campus to this new location. This project is a six story addition to the existing hospital totaling about 185,000 sf. The structural frame is a conventionally reinforced concrete flat plate and concrete shear walls. There was extensive work required under the new footprint to move existing utilities.

Although the project was initially let via an RFP, it was later converted to IPD. FEG was one of 11 signatories to the main contract with profits at risk. The other signatories included the owner, the architectural and engineering designers, the general contractor and several of its subs. Initial target cost was $98,000,000. The project is currently on track with a foreseeable path forward to the target cost.

Renderings by: HKS Architects