Ottare MOB

The building was two stories, steel framed and totaled 73,000 square feet. The open floor plan and windows around the perimeter of the building drove the lateral design to be moment frames. To reduce steel tonnage and save erection time and field welding we used the SidePlate® moment connection. Total tonnage for the building was about 370 tons. The design architect was Perkins+Will Charlotte and the MEP was Optima Engineering.

This project followed the path we feel is the most advantageous for our process and allowed us to squeeze the most inefficiencies out of the traditional approach – the contractor was brought on early, we prepared a detailed model during the design phase, the fabricators bid from traditional 2D plans as well as takeoffs from our models and the shop preferences of the selected fabricator were incorporated into the final fabrication package.

Hood Construction was hired prior to completion of the design via an RFQ by the owner, Lexington Medical Center. Both the contractor and owner were fairly progressive so we approached both independently about our new process. Ultimately, we were hired by the contractor to develop our Complete Structural Package™ during the design phase. We shared our model data with our detailer multiple times during design.

The structural steel package was bid to several fabricators at the completion of CDs. We provided the fabricators with an electronic takeoff from our BIM as well as a takeoff and electronic files from the detail model.

We met with the winning fabricator, D&T Steel, within a week of their notice to proceed to discuss their shop and fabrication preferences – sheet sizes for erection plans and details, connection preferences, equipment specifications, sequencing, etc. The final “for fabrication” package was delivered to D&T Steel just five(5) weeks after their notice to proceed – a significant time savings over the traditional process.

And, most importantly, there were no RFIs related to the structural steel during the preparation of the fabrication package. All coordination was handled by FEG.

From Travis Crumpton, President D&T Steel – “The detailed drawings were some of the best ever. Any questions got resolved quickly. All electronic files were excellent. The whole process was a good experience for D & T”

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You can also download a summary of this case study here.