The FEG Complete Structural Package™
What’s In It For You?
(originally sent via email)

The Complete Structural Package™ developed by Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG) is designed to provide benefits and mitigate risk for all the key players on a construction project – Owners, Contractors, Architects, even Fabricators. The new wave of collaboration in our industry is blurring traditional relationships. However, it is also providing new opportunities for firms seeking to leverage technology as a differentiator and allowing their teams to win more work and projects to save money. Our Complete Structural Package™ is the answer to these opportunities.

This is the first in a series of emails introducing our Complete Structural Package™ and highlighting its benefits. Subsequent emails will be short, direct and devoted to a different member of the project team. We are sending these emails to all of our partners because we believe it is advantageous for everyone to understand the benefits each player receives.

In the end, we’ll take a look at several Case Studies of our completed projects and highlight the real world benefits our clients are seeing with our process.

So, look for our emails over the next few weeks with the subject “The FEG Complete Structural Package – WIIFY – the “partner”.” You will also be able to find them all together on our website in the News & Links section.

We’d love to know what you think of the Complete Structural Package™. To share your comments or get more information about the potential benefits for your projects, give us a call at 704-987-9114.

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