The FEG Complete Structural Package™
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As a project architect, how do you differentiate your firm from the crowd? If you could demonstrate that you are faster and better than your competition, maybe the need to compete on price wouldn’t be as important.

Reduce Total Project Cost for clients
With the Complete Structural Package™, Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG) can help you demonstrate that producing fabrication and erection drawings for steel buildings during the design phases of a project yields more competitive bidding for steel fabrication and results in a lower Total Project Cost, something your clients should find very compelling.

Resolve issues before construction starts
By resolving (and we mean really resolving) detailing issues during design instead of during construction, virtually all structural RFI’s and change orders are eliminated, reducing the Total Project Cost. As an added benefit, your staff can then spend less time tracking change orders and RFIs. That frees your staff for other more productive activities.

Our Complete Structural Package™ shortens the time to occupancy for the owner which translates directly into earlier revenue generation. That also means a reduction in General Conditions from the contractor and less financing costs– a further reduction in the Total Project Cost.

Differentiate your practice with a more efficient process
Quicker revenue generation for your clients, reduced exposure to design issues during construction and more productive use of your construction administration hours are true differentiators (and benefits) for your firm.

Find out more
To learn more about the Complete Structural Package™ and how it can help you reduce costs for your clients, call us today at 704-987-9114.

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