The FEG Complete Structural Package™
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Imagine being able to approach your existing and prospective clients with an innovation that reduces risk, makes the building process more efficient and truly maximizes the use of their valued resources. This is possible with the Complete Structural Package™ from Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG).

Improving on the conventional shop drawing process
Think about the effort required to issue, track and close RFIs and change orders during the conventional shop drawing process. Consider the impact of those changes on the schedule and budget. Our Complete Structural Package™ minimizes those issues because our process forces design decisions to be finalized during the traditional Construction Document phase while the fabrication package is being developed. Instead of shepherding steel shop drawings from fabricator to architect to engineer and back, your project managers can now be deployed to more productive tasks.

Consider the benefits of eliminating the risks caused by late or poorly executed steel shop drawings. Our Complete Structural Package™ virtually eliminates the potential for the most common project delays. Early involvement by our detailer ensures the important design details are uncovered long before the conventional process allows.

Consistency in fabrication bids
Our Complete Structural Package™ leverages BIM and digital communication. Using the Package as a bidding tool, a quantity take-off provides the exact tonnage of steel required for the project. This helps ensure that the bids you receive are consistent and based on the same steel quantities. You don’t have to vet tonnage discrepancies between bidders and wonder who has the right number or who may have left something out.

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