The FEG Complete Structural Package™
What’s In It For You – The Owner?
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In this age of BIM, why should the owner pay to have data recreated for the production of steel shop drawings? Using the Complete Structural Package™ from Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG), the owner benefits from the reuse of structural design content and shortened construction schedule.

The conventional process of producing steel shop drawings:

  1. The structural engineer develops the structural design in 3D with BIM.
  2. That rich 3D content is flattened into 2D drawings for handoff to the fabricator.
  3. The fabricator then has a detailer regenerate a 3D detail model from the 2D drawings.

Inherent disadvantages to the conventional process:

  • Converting 3D content to 2D drawings then recreating the 3D content lengthens construction schedules and wastes money.
  • Communication between the detailer and engineer is hampered by RFI paperwork that slows the preparation of shop drawings, often resulting in schedule delays.
  • Misunderstandings of design intent abound due to insufficient information on 2D drawings.

The Complete Structural Package™ process:

  1. Develop a BIM with analytical data for the main superstructure linked from design software.
  2. Add secondary steel framing (lintels, hanging steel, baseplates, etc.) to our BIM.
  3. Provide all of that content to our detailer via incremental updates multiple times during the design phases of the project.
  4. Deliver a complete structural take-off of the steel structure for bidding at the conclusion of Construction Documents.
  5. Furnish electronic shop drawings and CNC fabrication equipment files to the selected fabricator within 5 weeks of fabricator selection.

Key benefits of the Complete Structural Package™:

  • The Total Project Cost is reduced by more efficient use of the structural data.
  • Direct communication with the detailer during design completely eliminates the RFI paper trail and improves the detailer’s efficiency.
  • The construction schedule can be significantly shortened by quicker steel delivery.
  • A shorter schedule yields lower financing costs.
  • Earlier completion of the building means earlier revenue generation.

We are seeing a two month reduction in time from the issuance of Construction Documents and selection of the fabricator to the start of fabrication. A 12 to 14 week schedule using the conventional process can be compressed to four to six weeks with our Complete Structural Package™. This schedule reduction translates directly into two months’ earlier revenue and two months’ less construction financing. We can’t think of an owner who wouldn’t benefit from that.

Effective for design-build and design-bid-build
Although our Complete Structural Package™ works exceedingly well in a design-build environment, it is also equally compatible with design-bid-build. In design-bid-build, the steel package bidding is improved because we deliver a complete quantity take-off, with our construction documents, guaranteeing that all of the fabricators are quoting the same numbers. When the fabricator has been selected, we incorporate that firm’s shop preferences into our fabrication package to leverage the fabricator’s specific shop efficiencies.

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