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Our first experience with BIM
Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG) got its start with BIM in 2006. Our first project was working for a fabricator with the express goal of sharing our model data directly with the fabricator’s detailer. That experience exposed the inefficiencies in the conventional process and allowed us to envision a brighter future where our data could be used downstream.That first experience has shaped our outlook on the structural engineer’s new role and responsibilities in design and construction and was the genesis for the development of our Complete Structural Package™. BIM isn’t something we have to do because our clients require it; BIM is something we need to do. The data in our models is vital to reducing all of the past and current inefficiencies in the building process and lowering the Total Project Cost.

What about the risks of sharing data?
We saw the direct benefits of sharing our model data in our first project and immediately realized our thought process was going to have to change, drastically. Ever since that first project, we create our structural steel models not only for producing 2D Construction Document drawings, but with the express intent of sharing the analysis and design information downstream, regardless of whether the current project requires it or not. It is in our blood, part of the fabric of FEG and how we view the future of design and construction for structural engineer.

You can use our model, but…?
We release our models without waivers. The information that we use to create our drawings and share with our detailer is the same data we share with other members of the design and construction team. A conditional release of our model would be meaningless. Taking responsibility for our information is the only way our process works.

A seasoned, progressive firm
FEG founder Doug Fitzpatrick has spoken about BIM at many national and international industry conferences since 2006. He will also be speaking at the upcoming 2014 NASCC conference in Toronto where this very subject will be addressed.

To improve the conventional process, you want, — no — you need a partner that is committed to revolutionizing the role of the structural engineer and fully understands the implications. Who better to have on your team than a seasoned, progressive firm leading the way?

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